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Green Isle Community School #4144-07 507-326-4144 



Green Isle Community School #4144-07 507-326-4144 

August 31, 2020 

Dear Parents/Guardians and Community Members, 

Preparations for the 2020-2021 school year have been underway throughout the summer months amidst the public health pandemic, COVID-19. The team at Green Isle Community School is committed to the safety of our students, staff, and their families. 

We continue to remain focused on providing a sound educational experience with the continuation of meeting rigorous academic standards, and help students continue to develop necessary social and emotional skills. Our planning and preparation has led to the development of our Back to School Plan 2020. 

The Back to School Plan 2020 shares details about how we will make decisions in the coming months based on county public health data regarding COVID-19, how we will respond, and the impacts on serving students, use of facilities, food services, and transportation. The Safe Learning Plan included in this document shares an outline for students and parents regarding what a typical day may look like, and how students will access their learning by each of the three learning models. 

Our plans are based on the StaySafe MN guidelines that prioritize student and staff safety based on data driven decision making. This allows us to make informed decisions in the interest of all stakeholders. As we move forward, we will continue to work closely with local, county, and state partner’s to help us reach our collective goals of returning students to a safe and healthy school environment. 

We believe our plan will provide for the quality education our students need, with the flexibility to limit disruption and enable parents to make the choice that they believe best fits their families overall needs. We will continue to communicate with all families and community members throughout the year to keep you all informed. We look forward to seeing you all again, and working in partnership to help return our students and staff back to school safely. 

Yours truly, 

H.C. Burg Director 

Green Isle Community School #4144-07 507-326-4144 

Back to School Basics What You Need to Know 

Health and Safety-Prioritizing Students and Staff 

  1. Face masks/coverings are required for all staff and students K-6 in accordance to 

Executive Orders and MDH standards 2. Staff will follow enhanced cleaning protocols daily for all classrooms 3. Spaces will be modified going into the school year to maximize social distancing 4. Breakfast and lunch will be provided in classroom spaces 5. Social distancing measures will be implemented at all times during the day 6. Hygiene practices will be increased for all staff and students daily 

Three Key Factors for Protection 


Three Learning Models-COVID-19 County Based Response 

  1. Based on COVID-19 County Data, Green Isle Community School will implement one of 

three learning options: In Person, Hybrid, and Distance Learning. 2. Students K-6 will be returning September 8, 2020 for face to face learning in school. 3. Parents are provided with the option to select distance learning for students 4. The learning model is subject to change in accordance with County Covid cases 

increasing and decreasing, with the guidance of local MDH officials 5. Increasing Covid cases do no guarantee adjusting to a new learning model, and therefore 

parents are encouraged to wait for directives from the school directly 6. Based on current enrollment, Green Isle has the capacity to maintain students on site 

during Hybrid Learning, pending transportation capacity 

Three Key Factors for Learning Model Determination 

Model: IN PERSON HYBRID LEARNING DISTANCE LEARNING County Cases: 0 to 20 20 to 50 50 or more 

Note: Planning is subject to change based on Minnesota Department of Education, Minnesota Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) changes in their guidelines. 

Green Isle Community School #4144-07 507-326-4144 

Learning Options 

Option One: In-Person/Face to Face Learning 

  • Teachers will be in classroom teaching students face to face 
  • Students will be social distanced in classroom in accordance with health standards 
  • Students and teachers wear face masks/shields/coverings in areas required 
  • Students and staff will be assigned to PODS to limit interaction between students outside of assigned classrooms 
  • Students and staff will be assigned zones that include assigned classroom, restroom, water cooler, learning materials, equipment, and entrance/exits 
  • Students and staff in assigned zones will rotate for recess and physical education periods to maintain a POD and limit interaction between assigned PODS and zones 
  • Arrival and Departure will be monitored by staff 
  • Breakfast and lunch will be delivered to rooms directly 
  • Students and staff will increase hygiene practices and classroom cleaning and sanitation of daily heavy use surface areas and equipment 
  • Access will be minimized for all non-student and staff members 
  • Visual reminders will be throughout the facility to remind students and staff to stay 6 feet apart in lines and in places they typically congregate 

Option Two: Hybrid Learning 

Green Isle Community School will maintain In-Person Face to Face Learning during Hybrid Adjustments unless otherwise advised by local health officials, and pending transportation capabilities and current enrollment numbers sustaining to meet 50% capacity in classrooms. 

Parents will receive a survey with notification to select to remain In-Person or move to Distance Learning if levels of COVID cases increase beyond the In-Person levels. 

Option Three: Distance Learning 

  • Students no longer attend class in school building 
  • Teachers will adjust instruction to operate from school or at home as staffing needs allow, and continue to provide synchronous, asynchronous, and flex learning options. 
  • Zoom and Google Classroom will be utilized for Distance Learning for all students 
  • Parents will have the ability to “Check Out” one on one learning devices 
  • Parents will have the ability to continue accessing school lunch with delivery options provided by the school 
  • School age care program will be implemented on site for critical workers 
  • Office hours with administrative support will remain consistent with standard hours 
  • Attendance will be taken daily by all teachers 
  • Staff will support parent technical training needs during transition 

Green Isle Community School #4144-07 507-326-4144 

  • Staff will increase parent access to staffing for support in accessing community resources including areas of food, shelter, safety, access to medical, and mental health support 
  • Staff will provide engagement opportunities throughout the day to bring students together virtually to engage with their classmates during distance learning 

Health and Safety Checklist 

Self Screening: Daily Screening by staff and students should be done at home daily before entering the school building. If any of the following symptoms are shown, it may be an indicator of an illness that may decrease ability to learn, teach or engage, and may place others at risk. If these symptoms are exhibited, students and staff are asked to remain home and notify the school. Please check for the following daily: 

Temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher when taken by mouth Sore throat New uncontrolled cough that causes difficulty breathing Diarrhea, vomiting, or abdominal pain, or New onset of severe headache, especially with a fever 

Required Notice: Close Contact and Potential Exposure Any students and staff exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 without other obvious explanation are asked to remain home. If they do come to school, they will be sent home immediately to help prevent the spread of illness. If any of the following occurs, keep the student at home and notify the school of your absence: 

Close contact within 6 feet of a confirmed COVID-19 infected person Travel to or lived in area where local, Tribal, territorial, or state health department is 

reporting large numbers of COVID-19 cases Lives in areas of high community transmission while the school remains open 

Note: While the school will do its part to operate according to social distancing requirements, and provide distance through maintaining PODS and ZONES, it is in the interest of all that any staff or students showing signs of illness remain home. Staff is asked to do a self check daily, while parents are asked to do a check daily as well. 

On-Site Screening: Sign of Symptoms Green Isle Community School will establish a check in station each day, where students upon entry will have temperature taken. Students exhibiting symptoms will be sent home after parent contact. Student and staff will be asked to self-quarantine if they test positive for COVID-19 or exhibit the following symptoms: 

Fever of 100.4F or greater Cough Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 

Green Isle Community School #4144-07 507-326-4144 

Chills Muscle Pain Headache Sore throat Loss of taste or smell Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea 

Required Action: Confirmed Case of COVID-19 in Building Upon learning of a confirmed case of COVID-19, Green Isle Community School will follow the guidelines provided in the StaySafe MN: 

  • Contact with local health department 
  • Notify parents and staff of close contact with confirmed case of COVID-19 
  • Encourage cooperation to trace contact with individuals 

Preventions: Protective Equipment and Safety Measures Green Isle Community School will maintain an ample amount of supplies on site and take proper precautions, including the following: 

  • Cleaning and disinfectant as approved and recommended for use with COVID-19 prevention by the FDA 
  • Hand washing and hygiene charts and instructions placed throughout the facility 
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes available in each classroom and throughout the school for use throughout the day 
  • Supply of disposable masks 
  • No touch temperature testing tools and monitoring 
  • Enhanced facilities cleaning and sanitizing of high touch areas 
  • Social distancing in all spaces to include a standard of 6 feet throughout the building, including hallways and common areas will be maintained 
  • Soap and paper towels in all facilities 
  • Isolation location for all students showing symptoms until parent pick up can be arranged 
  • Daily screening protocols for employee and students 
  • Staff training on CDC guidance and health safety protocols 
  • Daily disinfecting of student equipment used 
  • Limiting of soft furnishings and hard to disinfect toys and personal items removed to increase usable class space 
  • Assigning of personal supplies and spaces to students and staff 
  • Breakfast and lunch delivery 
  • Staggering recess and physical education time to enable outdoor and physical activities 
  • Assignment of PODS and ZONES to limit potential spread among student population if confirmed cases are found 

Note: Confidentiality will be maintained at all times regarding individuals testing positive when communicating with the community at large, but may need to be selectively identified for contact tracing by the department of health. 

Green Isle Community School #4144-07 507-326-4144 

Face Mask Requirements 

Green Isle Community School will be following all expectations for mask requirements as provided by the Executive Order issued by the Governor, the Minnesota Department of Health, with guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). At this time it is advised as beneficial in preventing the spread of COVID-19 to wear a mask/face covering, and doing so may prevent the district from being required to move to a distance learning model. 

At this time, all staff and students are required to wear masks unless the following has occurred in accordance with orders: 

  • Personal medical exemption due to health restrictions 
  • Teaching exemptions based on allowable removals with 6 feet of social distancing in place 
  • During specified activities with 6 feet of social distancing in place 
  • On a case by case basis where it is deemed necessary for developmental needs of a child, in which case a face shield will be provided as a suitable option 

The staff members at Green Isle Community School will each be responsible for upholding the requirements for self, students and guests. Signage will be posted at all entrances and all visitors will be required to enter, while on a limited basis, with a mask. 

Note: While it is acknowledged that ADA requirements limit the ability to ask specific questions about health concerns for visitors, and while personal preferences may be to eliminate the use of a mask, we do ask that all visitors to our facility uphold our request during this time for the safety of our staff and students. 

Green Isle Community School #4144-07 507-326-4144 

Green Isle Community School Safe Learning Plan 2020 

The Minnesota Department of Education’s Safe Learning Plan includes the necessary guidance to enable students to participate in all three options during the school year. In part, the model used will be determined by the COVID cases in our primary resident County, Sibley County. 

General Information 

Plan Flexibility The opportunity to move between the Safe Learning Plan (Face to Face/Hybrid) and the Distance Learning Option is possible and should be discussed with the Director. A transition from one plan to another will be considered on a case to case basis as these decisions may need to take into account factors such as your student’s academic progress, the available licensed teachers, building capacity and transportation. 

Facility Operations All ventilation systems will be continuously cleaned, inspected and adjusted to provide more outside air. In addition, filtration has been replaced with a microbial treated filter that helps reduce contaminants from entering the spaces. Ventilation systems will be operated 24 hours a day to provide multiple air exchanges with no occupants. 

Cleaning & Disinfecting Custodial services will be retained to provide a high level of cleaning, but have also added a disinfectant process to control the COVID-19 virus on a daily basis in each classroom to disinfect the high touch surfaces. 

When a space has been deemed “contaminated” due to a positive confirmed case of COVID-19, that space will be immediately shut down and closed to employees and students for up to 24 hours to allow the space to air out and deep cleaned by trained and properly protected custodial staff. 

Arrival Procedures Students will be assigned specific doors for entry and a specific route through the school based on assigned teacher and zones. A tiered entry process for bus, parent drop off, and walkers/bikers will be used with an emphasis on social distancing. Communicate to families regarding their specific plans will be provided during conferences the week prior to school. 

It is important that all families unload their vehicles in a manner that respects social distancing. As students enter the building they are required to wear a mask, social distance, and go directly to their classrooms. 

Student Zones For ongoing social distancing and safety measures intended to contain the spread of any informed cases of COVID-19, students and staff will be assigned zones this school year. These zones will include their entry and exit doors with signage to direct. In addition, 

Green Isle Community School #4144-07 507-326-4144 

each zone will include a water cooler with disposable cups, an assigned restroom, and assigned school supplies and equipment. Students and staff will be released by zone for outdoor and gym activities and for the end of the day pick up and bus loading. 

Breakfast and Lunch Staff will deliver breakfast and lunch to students in their assigned rooms. Breakfast will be provided to students between 7:30am-8:00am daily, prior to the beginning of the school day to allow for proper clean up and classroom preparation. 

Parents are asked to sign their students up for breakfast if they are arriving between 7:30am-8:00am and to provide students with a proper meal if they are not signed up for this service each morning. 

Parents are asked to sign their student up for cold or hot lunch prior to school starting, and this information will be used for ordering and delivering all meals daily. Any change to the request for lunch must be communicated a week in advance to notify staffing. 

Recess and Phys Ed Students will remain in their instructional pods for recess time. Pods will be assigned outdoor areas on a scheduled basis to limit co-mingling of pods and following health and safety guidelines. Recess will be supervised by a staff member. PhyEd will be scheduled with the same structure, with equipment assigned to each pod directly and limited sharing of equipment among students. 

Student Travel in the Halls Students will be required to social distance while in the building and hallways will have a designated flow of traffic to limit pod interactions. While traveling students are required to wear masks and socially distance. 

Dismissal Procedure Specific procedures will be in place for dismissal that maintain the pods and zones social distancing, dismissing one grade at a time out assigned exits and socially distance maintained to the bus pick up location, and tiered times. 

Three Learning Models 

In-Person Learning 

In-Person Learning returns all students to their normal daily schedule. Dependent on the state of the pandemic, certain health and safety precautions may be modified while others may remain in place. As of August 18, 2020, Green Isle Community School will return our students to participate in In-Person, face to face learning. 

All protective methods and protocols that are recommended in the Stay Safe MN plan by both the Department of Health and Department of Education will be followed to prepare in advance for any changes in County based COVID cases that could entail changing to a Hybrid Learning model. These measures include, but are not limited to: 

Green Isle Community School #4144-07 507-326-4144 

  • Students will be assigned to grade level homerooms and will report to homerooms on arrival. 
  • Students will stay in their homeroom for the majority of the school day. Depending on the Special Area Class (Art, Media, Music, PE) students may leave their room or have the Special Area teacher come to deliver the lesson. 
  • Students and staff will be required to wear masks while they are in the building, excluding lunch and periods of exercising. 
  • Students will be required to follow social distance guidelines while at school. 
  • Increased attention to disinfecting procedures will occur daily by staff. 
  • Restrict nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities involving external groups or organizations. 

Hybrid Learning 

Green Isle Community School will adhere to the capacity guidelines set forth by MDE. These restrictions indicate the maximum number of students who can safely attend in person under a hybrid model, which states we can operate at 50% capacity. 

A reminder that 50% capacity does not mean 50% of students. Instead, it means 50% of the space can be filled, per the fire marshall, while maintaining social distancing requirements. 

Based on current enrollment as of Fall 2020, all K- 6 students will be able to attend school 5 days a week while meeting the 6 feet of social distancing throughout the day. 

  • Students will be assigned to a grade level pod and will report to pods on arrival. 
  • Students will stay in their pod for the majority of the school day. Special Area Classes (Art, Media, Music, P.E.) will not occur as they traditionally have but will be interwoven into daily lessons. 
  • Students will have access to grade level teachers for instruction. 
  • Students and staff will be required to wear masks while they are in the building, excluding lunch and periods of exercising. 
  • Students will continue to access the district instructional curriculum. 
  • Increased attention to disinfecting procedures will occur daily by staff. 
  • Restrictions will be made for nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities involving external groups or organizations. 

Distance Learning Model 

Within the Safe Learning Plan a move to Distance Learning will have students stay with the same teacher as the Face to Face and Hybrid Models. Distance Learning Students will be able to participate in the following learning activities, selected based on academic needs: 

  1. Synchronous Learning - Classroom paced/Teacher led/Parent monitoring needed. 

Primarily technology access with at home learning kits to match Face to Face activities. 

Green Isle Community School #4144-07 507-326-4144 

Students will follow the same in class schedule as their peers from home by using Zoom to log in and participate in the live classroom lesson delivery and instruction. Students will then have time to take a break to work on assignments, and join the class for the next lesson and/activity. 

The intention is to limit the need for students to be online all day throughout the day, yet enable them to receive the same lesson delivery as their peers, ask questions, and remain engaged with the classroom teacher as much as possible. The recording of lessons will only be during lesson delivery time, or if there is a full classroom engagement taking place. This is to focus time on teacher delivery, and protect the privacy of students when it is time to work independently and seek one on one support from classroom teachers or paras. 

Student start time, breaks, and end time will be the same, and teachers will work to deliver the lesson during structured time before breaking to engage. Parents will be asked to engage students during times outside of the classroom live streaming, such as recess and physical activity time. 

All assignments for students will be available for access on Google Classroom. All lessons will be recorded for review and available on Google Classroom for access. All lessons and homework will match the Face to Face lessons. 

Recorded access of the lessons will be available for any missed periods, enabling students and parents to maintain some form of flexibility based on the needs that arise at home with the student and family. 

  1. Asynchronous Learning - Self paced/Parent led/Teacher daily check in and two way engagement. Students will be able to access all recorded daily classroom lessons and classroom assignments on Google Classroom the day following the lessons. Students will have scheduled check in times with the teacher to answer any questions and review progress. All activities and lessons and homework will match the Synchronous and Face to Face lessons. 
  2. Flex Learning - Collaborative learning model for enhanced learning needs of students. 

May include technology based learning, hybrid learning, and materials based learning with additional one on one support as assigned. All activities and lessons may not be identical to Synchronous and Asynchronous, however, will remain equitable to ensure students receive all necessary tools and resources for academic achievement. 

NOTE: Parents that choose the Distance Learning Model for their children when it is not mandatory due to COVID response must keep in mind that there may be limited ability for the child to participate in certain activities or if there are onsite requirements for standardized testing. Green Isle Community School will continue to adjust and provide flexibility in these areas where possible, and offer alternative options where possible to maintain equitable access to education for our Distance Learning students. 

Green Isle Community School #4144-07 507-326-4144 

Technology Use 

Teachers will be using Zoom and Google Classroom as their primary method of delivering lessons for distance learning students. It is imperative that families communicate their technology needs. Green Isle Community School will have access to one on one learning devices to enable students to have uninterrupted access and unlimited access during school hours for distance learning. 

Parents are asked to provide notice to the school if their child does not have a device that can be used at home without sharing or interruption during school hours. In addition, parents are asked to provide notice to the school if there is any limitation to internet service access and capabilities. 

All classroom lessons will be recorded, while ensuring discussions that take place within the classroom. This information will be restricted to sharing with students through student access in Google Classroom only. Parents are asked to monitor use while students are accessing the classroom from home and avoid providing students log in information to any parties that are not listed with the school as primary or secondary contacts. 

Online 1-1 and Tutoring Support 

Some students will require more extensive support. Assigned paraprofessionals will assist teachers in creating a plan to meet students’ needs. 

  • Examples include: Homework help time/office hours (online meetings) scheduled daily. 
  • Staff connected to specific students to support learning. 
  • Teachers scheduling one on one Zoom meeting with students. 

Note: All special education services from the Special Education Teacher and assigned paraprofessionals will continue in all forms of structure based on continuation of student specific needs for service and support. 

Student Attendance 

Teachers will take attendance daily in the morning and at the end of each school day. For distance learning students, students will be marked present for any online engagement or direct interaction on a given day, such as: 

  • Participation in a group meeting (online meetings) 
  • Accessed Seesaw or Google Classroom during the day 
  • Completion of assignments 
  • Phone call or text message exchange between teacher and student or parent if a student is unable to do school work during the day will be required 

Note: All other forms of communication for required attendance continue. Parents are asked 

Green Isle Community School #4144-07 507-326-4144 

to contact the office prior to school to notify of any excused absences. Absences with no expected access to learning will be monitored in accordance with state guidelines for compulsory attendance. 

Green Isle Community School #4144-07 507-326-4144 


Increased Learning Opportunities.

  • Integrated, interdisciplinary instruction will enable students to make connections between subject areas.
  • Service learning will provide opportunities to apply previously learned knowledge, engage in civic responsibility, and develop meaningful relationships with community members.
  • Students, parents, and staff will collaborate bi-yearly with students to set individual learner goals in the areas of literacy, math, social skills, and work habits. Students and staff will engage in periodic reviews of progress toward these goals throughout the year.

Innovative Teaching Methods.

  • A collaboration of teachers, parents, students, and community members at Green Isle Community School will plan and implement enhanced learning experiences that will support student learning.
  • Teachers will work in teams to develop the three-year rotating curricula, select appropriate instructional materials, and coordinate day-to-day activities and projects. Sharing responsibilities among this team will strengthen programming for individual students and broaden each pupil’s circle of supportive adults.
  • Independent and cooperative learning activities will accommodate all learning styles and will be offered in a multiage organizational model that provides for appropriate grade level groupings, as needed.
  • The Green Isle Community School program will include project-based learning, community involvement, service learning, and peace-building efforts.
  • Instruction will be aligned with Minnesota’s Academic Standards and best teaching practices will be used to enhance student achievement.
  • Green Isle Community School will use the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA) and Northwest Evaluation Association Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Assessment as standardized testing tools. Results of these tests will be shared with students and their parents. School-wide test results will be used to evaluate instructional programs and will provide supportive data for continuous improvement.
  • A wide variety of authentic, purposeful assessments such as Running Reading Records, rubrics and checklists, reflective journaling, reading conferences, and showcase portfolios will be used to measure student progress and to provide comprehensive information to parents about individual student progress.
  • Standardized, skill-specific testing provided by the commercial reading, math, and science programs will provide information about individual student achievement and recommendations for prescriptive teaching.
  • Criteria used by students as guidelines for acceptable project completion will also serve as the baseline for measuring student performance. Clear communication to students regarding expected outcomes will improve student learning. In addition to teacher assessment, there will be on-going opportunities for both self-assessment and peer feedback.

New Forms of Accountability for Schools.

  • Student, parent, and staff satisfaction surveys will provide evidence of program satisfaction among stakeholders. The results of these surveys will indicate levels of support for school programming and will provide data for continuous program improvement.
  • The GICS staff will participate in an annual self-study and employ the services of a critical friend to engage staff members in conversation regarding school successes and needs.
  • Each spring the staff will evaluate the effectiveness of support program components such as the Talent ShowCommunity Clean-Up DayElders’ Coffee, and Community Lunches. This evaluation will provide a method for discussion among staff to initiate new programs and adjust current programming.
  • All staff, in collaboration with the school’s director, will assess progress toward meeting annual, self-determined individual goals. The director will also evaluate instructional practices during bi-yearly observations and conferences with teachers and paraprofessionals to determine strategies for improvement.

Professional Opportunities for Staff.

  • Green Isle Community School staff will partner with Nerstrand Elementary School, an existing charter school that has served as a model for developing GICS. Practical advice about program planning and implementation from Nerstrand staff will provide valuable assistance to GICS staff, administration and the Board of Directors during the school’s planning phase. The funding to support this partnership is the result of a Federal Dissemination Grant award to Nerstrand Elementary School. Extensive support to Green Isle Community School in the areas of business management, marketing, multiage organization, curriculum planning, service learning, and community involvement will be provided.
  • Nerstrand Elementary School staff will mentor the Green Isle Community School staff in multiage instructional strategies, positive school climate development, service and project-based learning methodologies, and appropriate use of evaluative tools. Nerstrand staff will provide this professional development as an extension of their Charter School Dissemination Grant activities.
  • Professional development that will support best practices in all curricular areas, with an emphasis on math, science, and reading instruction, will be included as part of the commercial curriculum adoptions. Special education practices will be addressed with help from the Minnesota Charter Schools' Special Education Project through the Minnesota Association of Charter Schools.
  • A professional mentorship program will support staff improvement efforts during monthly conversations with a selected peer. Discussion topics and follow-up staff development opportunities may include collaborative instructional strategies, broadening the Leadership Circle among all staff, individualizing instruction, and strengthening school climate.
  • All licensed and non-licensed staff members will set individual, professional goals in the fall of each year. Progress toward achieving these goals will be assessed (as described above) in the spring.

GICS’ World’s Best Workforce Plan

The World’s Best Workforce Plan (state statute, section 120B.11) is a comprehensive, long-term strategic plan to support and improve teaching and learning with the ultimate goal of creating the world’s best workforce. It is intended to serve as a foundational document that aligns educational initiatives that serve students pre-k through high school.

It is based on five beliefs:

  • All students are ready for kindergarten
  • Close the achievement gap
  • All students in third grade achieve grade level literacy
  • All students attain career and college readiness before graduating from high school
  • All students graduate from high school

GICS’s World’s Best Workforce Plan serves as a blueprint that demonstrates how current district initiatives and plans work together in a concerted effort to create a quality workforce equipped with the necessary skills for the 21st century. The plan replaces the state-mandated “Annual Report on Curriculum, instruction, and Student Achievement.”

The plan must support and improve teaching and learning that is aligned to the World's Best Work Force and includes:

  • Clearly defined student achievement goals and benchmarks
  • Process to evaluate each student's progress toward meeting the state and local academic standards
  • System to review and evaluate the effectiveness of instruction and curriculum
  • Practices that integrate high-quality instruction, rigorous curriculum, instructional technology
  • Collaborative professional culture that support teacher quality, performance and effectiveness
  • Evidence-based strategies for improving curriculum, instruction and student achievement
  • Annual budget for continuation of the district plan's implementation

Under the legislation, the district will publish a report on plan results each fall, hold an annual public meeting, periodically survey constituencies about their level of satisfaction with the school district, and submit an electronic summary of the report to the state commissioner of education.

To view GICS’s 2013-2014 WBWF plan or view a copy of GICS’s 2013-2014 WBWF summary please click on Resources & Links at the top of the page.


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