Meeting dates and location

Board meeting times and dates are every 3rd Tuesday at 5:00pm in the Green Isle Community School cafeteria.

Official Board physical address is 190 McGrann St PO Box 277 Green Isle, MN 55338 
Official Board phone number unless otherwise specified 507-326-7144  



Nick Pollack -Parent Member- Board Chair

I live in Le Sueur and have 2 kids, Greg & Sami. We have been at the school for 4 years, it's a great place to bring my kids.

Mail to: Pollack.Nick@GreenIsleCommunitySchool.org

Shelly King - Parent Member - Board Treasurer

Hi, my name is Shelly King.  I have 3 children and one on the way in Sept 2017.  My oldest attended GICS Kindergarten thru 6th grade and now moved on to middle school.  It was very positive experience for him.  At the moment my youngest attends the Program for 3, 4 and 5yr olds and enjoys all aspects of the school especially the social portion.  We live here in town and I feel this school is very special to my community.  There are wonderful learning opportunities at GICS that all students can appreciate.  

Mail to: King.Shelly@GreenIsleCommunitySchool.org

Colleen Zeiher - Parent Member - Board Clerk

Hello!  My name is Colleen Zeiher and I've been a part of the Green Isle Community School Board since Spring of 2017.  My daughter attends the school and it has been a great experience watching her learn, have fun, and form relationships with the all of the other students at school.  GICS really is a community where all the children know each other, help each other, and learn from each other.  Those experiences and relationships are priceless.  I feel that the schools approach to family and community is unique and offers something to the students that cannot be found in larger schools.  All the teachers and staff interact throughout the day with all students, giving them a variety of ways to learn.  The small reading and math groups that children can move in and out of based on there level of knowledge is great - as it gives them the opportunity to be challenged or get some extra time when needed.  We are so grateful to have such a wonderful school in our community!  As a board member I hope to continue to help the school continue to grow, so other families and children can have the same experiences that we have.  

Mail to: Zeiher.Colleen@GreenIsleCommunitySchool.org

Jackie Larson - Teacher Member 

It is my honor to be starting my 30th year in the field of education as the K-1 teacher at Green Isle Community School.   I am anxious to share my passion for learning with families and staff at this school.   I have enjoyed my first 2 years at this school and completely see the benefits of the philosophy of the school.  I truly believe that every student has unique talents and it is my goal to get students to use their talents to become the best individual learner that they can.  I have taught in many places including Guam and St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. I moved to the area 3 years ago from Walker, Minnesota where I taught for 17 years at Walker-Hackensack-Akeley Elementary school. My passions include teaching, learning, music, painting, traveling and playing the guitar. I Live in Jordan with my husband Tommy and our two cats Sunshine and Precious

Mail to: Larson.Jackie@GreenIsleCommunitySchool.org 

Tami Wentzlaff Parent Member

I live outside Green Isle with my husband Joel and out children Braydn & Colton, both of them are students at GICS and they love going to school every day. One of the things We love about GICS is that they don't only teach your kids the school work they need to learn, but also community values and life lessons. The kids learn how to respect one another, take responsibility for their actions and no matter how old they are, they are an important member to the community. Outside of volunteering at the school, I am a member of the Green Isle Conservation Partners and enjoy gardening, photography, crafting/sewing and spending time with my family and friends. 

mailto: wentzlaff.tami@greenislecommunityschool.org

Holly Harjes - Community Member

Holly Harjes, a founder in developing GICS, served on the Board the first 6 years, and now volunteers two days a week for Library times.  She is a graduate of University of Northern Iowa and has had a career working with schools for about 48 years.

Mrs. Harjes lives on a still-active farm south of Green Isle.
She and her husband Roger participate in several community
organizations.  Since Roger attended this Green Isle school, they are both sensitive to the success of GICS.
507-326-3961 best way to reach me.

Lindsay Paschke - Teacher Member

Hi everyone! My name is Lindsay Paschke and this year will be my 2nd-year teaching at Green Isle Community School.  I graduated from Saint Mary’s University in Winona, MN, and I am so excited to put everything I have learned to use! Some of my favorite hobbies include watching and playing hockey, playing with my dogs (Max and Bella), doing all kinds of crafts, and running 5ks, 10ks, and half marathons. I can’t wait to have an awesome year at GICS!

 Mail to: Lindsay.Paschke@GreenIsleCommunitySchool.org

Brandy Barrett- Director Green Isle Community School Ex-Officio

My name is Brandy Barrett and I am the director at Green Isle Community School. I have been teaching at this school for a year and a half now and really love it. The kids and their families are so awesome. I enjoy reading, watching my boys play their sports, and camp. I am so happy to be part of this wonderful G.I.C.S. staff! 

Mail to: Brandy.Barrett@greenislecommunityschool.org


Policy (Meets prior to board meetings at 3pm)

Holy Harjes
Colleen Zeiher


Jackie Larson
Nick Pollack 


Serenity Cox
Brandy Barrett
Tami Wentzlaff 

Grant Writing

Serenity Cox 
Becky Pollack 


Colleen Zeiher
Jamed Evans jevans@stenmarkinc.com
Serenity Cox 


Colleen Zeiher
Jamed Evans jevans@stenmarkinc.com
Brandy Barrett
Nick Pollack 


Serenity Cox
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Brandy Barrett 
Data Practices Compliance Officer
Nick Pollack 

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